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Some Annotations Observed at the Final Quality Control of TK25

Branko PUCEKOVIĆ, State Geodetic Administration, Zagreb, Croatia

In the process of making TK25, every previous technique, such as aerial photographic survey, detailed mapping, generation of DTM and contour lines and cartographic generalization is important, but there is also the great influence of cartographer on the final look of the sheet.

A quality control task is to avoid plenty of inconsistencies on every sheet. A qualified cartographer can notice many incosistencies prior to printing. Very often, relief inconsistency with hidrography is evident, the so-called “impossible case”, inconsistency of elevations with contour lines and other situations. It is necessary to intervene in the geographical view of settlements, individual buildings, waters, roads, vegetations, types of land, geographical names.

Great attention in quality control is paid to names. TK25 shows relief names, geographic field names, individual object names, religious object names, water names, settlement names. In some cases, roads are taken from the “old” issue of TK25 from the Military-Geographic Institute in the former Yugoslavia. Similar problems can be related to two adjoining sheets and contents outside the frame.

Many errors can be avoided by establishing an appropriate procedure of internal quality control. In some cases, contractual obligations and speed of production can be a source of errors. Cartographic Key version 1.5 is also somewhat incomplete and deficient. In this article, some objections and proposals for its change and supplement are provided.

Keywords: TK25, Cartographic Key, quality control, contour lines, hidrography, roads, vegetations, waters, geographical names

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