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Croatian and Hungarian Cartographers

Marina RAJAKOVIĆ, Ivka KLJAJIĆ, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, Kačićeva 26, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Biographical and bibliographical information about Croatian cartographers have been collected systematically since 1995, firstly within the scientific project Croatian Cartographers, subsequently within the research project Cartography and New Technologies, which were both performed at the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb. After that, work on the collection and arrangement of material about Croatian cartographers was continued within the frame of the Cartography of the Adriatic project. Basic sources of material about Croatian cartographers are databases or lists of maps in map collections (e.g. those of the National and University Library and Croatian State Archive in Zagreb), several monographs, map exhibition catalogues, symposium proceedings, various memorials, encyclopedias and lexicons, and lots of journals. Students at the graduate and postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Geodesy studied Croatian cartographers within the scope of their seminar papers, diploma and master theses and dissertations. A database with biographical and bibliographical information about Croatian cartographers was produced on the basis of all acquired material. The biographical lexicon Croatian Cartographers was published after 14 years of collecting data.

The paper deals with those Croatian cartographers who are also Hungarian cartographers. Some of them were born in Hungary, some attended school and/or were engaged in cartography, and some still live and work there. According to our definition, Croatian cartographers are not only Croatians or people with Croatian origin who have lived all over the world and worked in the field of cartography. Members of other nations and nationalities who were born in Croatian, regardless of where they lived, and foreigners who lived and worked in Croatia, contributing to the cartography are also considered Croatian cartographers.

Keywords: Croatian cartographer, Hungarian cartographer, biographical lexicon, Croatia, Hungary

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