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Spatial Planning Information System for Spatial Management in the Primorsko-Goranska County

Adam BUTIGAN, Department for Information System and Documentation of the Public Institution Institute for Physical Planning of Primorsko-Goranska County, Rijeka; Vojkan GAVRILOVIĆ, GDI Gisdata Zagreb

The Physical Planning and Building Act obliged all those who are in the business of spatial planning to establish a spatial planning information system (SPIS). The necessity for establishing an SPIS has been confirmed especially in the area of monitoring the implementation of spatial planning acts (location permits, construction permits, decisions on building conditions and other acts), as well as implementation of spatial plans. SPIS is a part of the construction of a national spatial data infrastructure and is an essential prerequisite for establishing a citizen centred e-government. Production of documents on environmental protection, monitoring conditions and occurrences in space and environment, management of assets, public utility systems and natural and developed resources, or the integration of spatial planning acts with spatial planning documents can not be effectively carried out without an established SPIS, both on the national and regional government level. 

The presentation describes the project of establishing a unique geoinformation system of acts and documents on spatial planning which started as a pilot project in the Primorsko-Goranska County in 2010 and is a part of the development of spatial planning information system as well as one of the fundamental IT projects in the county. The project supports the development of a citizen centred e-government, according to guidelines and objectives set forth in the eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015 adopted by the European Commission on 15 December 2010. The project will reduce administrative barriers between local government units and the Institute for Physical Planning and the Department for Construction and Environmental Protection, enhance the monitoring of spatial planning document implementation and, consequently, the quality of spatial plan production.

Keywords: Spatial Planning Information System (SPIS), spatial databases, spatial management, acts and documents on spatial planning, spatial data infrastructure, citizen centred e-government

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