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Croatian NSDI – An Example of AGISEE Country Web-page

Vlado CETL, Miljenko LAPAINE, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, Kačićeva 26, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

One of the missions of AGISEE is to promote and foster development of spatial data infrastructures and sharing of geospatial information on local, regional, interregional and global scale. One of the tasks to accomplish this goal is to build country web pages for all countries members of the AGISEE organization. We will present Croatian NSDI in a way that it could be used for creating the Croatian country web page on the AGISEE web. We think there should be a high level of alignment between country web pages and INSPIRE Implementing rules on monitoring and reporting. It will be a very comprehensive source of information, but it could also be used further to compare the NSDI situation and INSPIRE compliance in non-EU member countries with the situation in member countries.

Keywords: Croatia, NSDI, AGISEE country web page

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