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ZIPP Geoportal – Spatial Data Infrastructure

Sanja BATIĆ, APIS IT d.o.o, Zagreb, Croatia; Jadranka VESELIĆ BRUVO, Darko ŠIŠKO, Gradski ured za strategijsko planiranje i razvoj Grada Zagreba, Zagreb, Croatia

Maintaining spatial data infrastructure is a common task for all authorities, from local to global levels. Infrastructure includes metadata, sets and spatial data services, network services and technologies; agreements on sharing, access and use, and mechanisms for coordination and control (INSPIRE). To achieve interoperability and to enhance development of new geo-oriented services, it is necessary to provide a single access point to all spatial data – a geoportal. The City of Zagreb Spatial Data Infrastructure Geoportal was designed in the context of European movements. The Geoportal connects currently isolated GIS units into a single access point open to all subjects – from citizens and companies to city and state officials.

Keywords: geoportal, spatial data infrastructure, Zagreb

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