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Public Debate on the Agreement on the Exchange, Access and Use of Spatial Data

Marjana ZELIĆ, State Geodetic Administration, Croatia

Agreement on the exchange, access and use of spatial data as one of the instruments of establishing the National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Croatia based on the Law on State Survey and Real Estate was made as proposal that contains essential elements, pre-established conditions, rights and obligations equal to all signatories.

It can be said this is a proposal of offer addressed to an indefinite number of subjects, but they are still legally defined as legal or physical persons who have specific spatial data in their jurisdiction. As a holder of this offer and a signatory, the NSDI Council is defined because it is the only possibility under current legislation.

The agreement text was put to public debate via the website A letter of invitation to participate in a public hearing was sent to 121 addresses, to all ministries, government agencies, bureaus, chambers, associations, counties, cities, individual universities, etc.

Nine observations were submitted to the e-mail address Three of them had full support and acceptance of the full text of the agreement, while six of them expressed their elaborated objections and suggestions which will be analyzed through this presentation.

Keywords: agreement, offer, public, subject, debate

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