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Cartographic Potentials in Disaster Management

Milan KONECNY, Laboratory on Geoinformatics and Cartography, Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Kotlarska 2, 61137 Brno, Czech Republic

Many of last year disaster situations provided evidence that the disaster management process is only partly successful and all paradigmae of disaster management should be urgently improved. Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, land slides, fires and other analyses done after such catastrophes shows that usage of modern maps and geoinformatic methods are still not realized fully and not accepted as one of the main preconditions of other steps in such a situation. The author of the paper will overview contemporary, state of the art of the potential usage of above mentioned methods on the basis of EU projects (GMES, INSPIRE) in disaster management situations and recommend some important steps for better cooperation of cartographic and geoinformatic community with other partners (incl. public administration). Research plans of newly established ICA Commission on Cartography for Early Warning and Crises Managemet will also be announced.

Keywords: disaster management, GMES, INSPIRE, ICA

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