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20 Years of National Reports on Cartography in Croatia

Dražen TUTIĆ, Miljenko LAPAINE, Croatian Cartographic Society, Kačićeva 26, Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia has been a member of the International Cartographic Association – ICA since 1995 and one of its obligations has been to submit national reports about its cartographic activities at general assemblies held every four years. The bearer of those activities in Croatia is the Croatian Cartographic Society. The State Geodetic Administration recognized the value and importance of those activities and has been financially supporting the work on national report for several years.

Croatia became a member of the ICA in Barcelona in 1995, where its first national report for the period 1991–1995 was submitted. Reports were also submitted for the period 1995–1999 in Ottawa in 1999, for the period 1999–2003 in Durban (The Republic of South Africa) in 2003, for the period 2003–2007 in Moscow in 2007. The last report, which encompasses the period 2007–2011, was submitted at the General Assembly of the ICA in Paris in July, 2011.

As a result of working on national reports, Croatia has a comprehensive overview of cartographic activities in the past 20 years, i.e. since it became an independent state.

Even though such reports can never encompass all the activities for a given period, published content enables one to conclude that the most relevant institutions and companies are represented in the reports. It is a merit of individuals who contributed with their reports.

The outline of methodology and technology used for preparation of the national reports from beginning to the present day will be provided. The reports are usually divided into sections on official, academic and commercial cartography, other activities, acknowledgments and bibliography.

The content of the last report for the period 2007-2011 will be briefly presented. An idea of starting continuous collection and collaboration on cartographic activity information in the future will be also presented. This way, the information on cartographic activities could be more readily available to the interested public. We think this is achievable within regular activities of the Croatian Cartographic Society.

Keywords: national report, cartography, Croatian Cartographic Society, International Cartographic Society

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