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NGO Potential as a Stakeholder within Processes of Developing the NSDI

Luka JOVIČIĆ, Birčanina 27, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

NGO sector relevance

The paper is focused on Serbia as a representative market of NGOs engaging and NSDI developing stage in the SEE region. NGOs in the region have already established networks, validated results, wide public support, known role and proven necessity in improving country progress. Statistics show depth and level of integration in range of topics covered by NGOs activities, which are of primary interest to NSDI implementation too.

NSDI development status and aims in the region

On the other side, the NSDI implementation progress shows only modest response at the widest level of use. This implies an underdeveloped role of the tertiary beneficiaries of NSDI stakeholders. Furthermore, this group only indirectly recognizes NGOs as stakeholders.

Overall, NSDI in the region is in great expansion, with governmental strategic orientation, market acknowledged value and international support. Yet, real integration in society, measured by demand from end users is at a low level. Potentials introduced by processes of NSDI implementation need to be supported and injected with a higher level of public involvement.

Research of integrated approach for the awareness rising and needs assessment

This abstract represents research of potentials of the NGO domain, compared with the current status of SDI on a (supra) national level. Conclusions should lead to a proposal of NGOs’ involvement in NSDI in order to spread the need and return stronger demand from spatial data end users. Proposal will rely on using resources from NGOs activities and enriching means of their acting with the added value coming from GIS tools and NSDI. The base for this approach lies in the already established SDI in other parts of the world.

Keywords: Non-governmental organizations, awareness rising, national spatial data infrastructure

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