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Modern Cartography and the Role of the International Cartographic Association

Georg GARTNER, Institute of Geoinformation and Cartography, Vienna University of Technology

Cartography is seen by many as facing a change of paradigms triggered by technological challenges. As a result of innovative available technologies like the Internet, multimedia and telecommunication infrastructure, the cartographic communication processes can be realized delivering user-tailored information to a specific user everywhere (“ubiquitous”) and anytime.

This paper reviews the enormous diversity of fundamental questions appearing in modern cartography based on new technologies. It argues that a theoretical fundament is necessary to be able to define the core elements of a discipline. The role of international efforts in this respect is discussed and will be highlighted. By discussing the existing Research Agenda of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) and other existing bodies of knowledge in related disciplines, the vision of further development of the Body of Knowledge for the domain of Cartography and related disciplines is discussed.

Keywords: cartographic communication, Research Agenda, Body of Knowledge, International Cartographic Association

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