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NSDI Strategy and Transposition of the INSPIRE Directive into Macedonian National Legislation

Perica SPASEVSKI, Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Skopje, Macedonia

Following trends in the reform process in order to meet criteria for membership in the European Union, the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre (AREC) started preparing a draft regulation on harmonization of national legislation with the EU legislation.

During the last few months, AREC teams have been working on drafting an NSDI strategy, which should include the NSDI mission and vision, legal framework, data interoperability, funding model, key stakeholders, etc.

Within the project of making the NSDI strategy, a chapter is devoted to the transposition of the European legislation, specifically transposition of the INSPIRE directive to a new NSDI law. At the moment, there are several articles on NSDI in the current Law on Real Estate Cadastre in which AREC is set to be responsible for the NSDI in the Republic of Macedonia. With the current activities, we are working on a completely new NSDI law which will incorporate a large part of the INSPIRE Directive, in particular:

  • Metadata
  • Interoperability of spatial data sets
  • Network services
  • Data sharing
  • Governing structure; etc.
In addition to drafting a new NSDI law, we started harmonizing other laws and bylaws, such as the Law on Personal Data Protection, Law on Environmental Protection and others, with the purpose of fully implementing the INSPIRE Directive.

Keywords: NSDI, AREC, INSPIRE, strategy, law

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