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The Croatian Cartographic Society wants to contribute to the development of geoinformation, cartography, geography, geology and related fields, with a particular emphasis on GIS and spatial data infrastructure. A wide variety of topics and keynote speakers guarantee interesting lectures and a contemporary approach.

tl_files/Savjetovanje_2014/gartner_georg.jpgThe Republic of Croatia is a regular member of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) since 1995, and the Croatian Cartographic Society represents Croatia in that Association. This 10th Conference will continue the intensive work undertaken by Croatian cartographers in the international cartographic arena providing a good opportunity to continue the series of cartography related events. Considering the above the ICA was very pleased to be able to endorse the 10th Conference on Cartography and Geoinformation. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Georg Gartner, the ICA President will have a keynote lecture on the first day of the Conference.

The ICA has decided to celebrate an International Map Year during the years of 2015 and 2016 and has also formed a working group to plan and organise that task. The ICA expects that all ICA member countries will participate in order to give their citizens a broader knowledge of maps – how they are produced and used for many purposes in society. Another goal is to give school children and university students an opportunity to learn more about cartography and about its neighbouring geospatial sciences geodesy, photogrammetry, remote sciences and surveying. ICA has about 80 national members, and the UN will be helpful in establishing contact with all other countries in the world, so that the international map year will be celebrated worldwide. The Conference participants will have the opportunity to create the Croatian program of the International Map Year and to be involved in it.

Previous conferences organized by CCS showed incresing interest in cartography and geoinformation by many non-geodesists. Nowadays, it is difficult to find professionals who do not need maps and spatial information, which means it is truly an interdisciplinary field.