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Introduced new SGA Geoportal



A new Geoportal of the Croatian State Geodetic Administration (SGA) was introduced at the press conference on July 20, 2012 which was held by Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Ivan Vrdoljak and Director of the State Geodetic Administration Danko Markovinovic, PhD.

The SGA is a central place in the Republic of Croatia for collecting, updating, controlling and distribution of current spatial data. With releasing Geoportal, the SGA gives the operational support to the national and European initiatives related to spatial data.

From the perspective of the establishment of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), commissioning new Geoportal of the SGA, as one of the most important subjects of the NSDI, is an extremely important step which enables that fundamental spatial data become available to the widest range of users.

New Geoportal you can find on the website http://geoportal.dgu.hr.

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