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Prof. Dr. Miljenko Lapaine – president of the ICA Commission on Map Projections


Prof. Dr. Miljenko Lapaine was elected the president of the Commission on Map Projections of the International Cartographic  Association.  The election was confirmed a the 15th General Assembly of the International Cartographic Association in Paris, July 3-8, 2011.

The International Cartographic Association has 28 commissions for various fields of cartography (http://icaci.org/commissions). One of them is concerned with map projections and was established in 2003. Its former president was Daan Strebe.

Prof. Dr. Miljenko Lapaine is going to be the president of the commission for four years, until 2015.

The election is an acknowledgement to Prof. Lapaine for scientific work and work in the international cartographic community.  Croatia has actively participated in the work of the International Cartographic Association since 1995, when it became its full member. However, it is the first time that one of the Association's commissions' presidents is from Croatia.

We congratulate Prof. Lapaine and wish him to continue his successful work.

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