CCS's goals are:

- contribution in cartography's development and development of related areas

- promotion of cartography and related areas

- stimulation of creative work and application of scientific achievements in practical and professional work in all kind of cartographic activities

- supporting publishing activities in cartography and related areas

- founding and caring for carts', maps', books', photographs' and other publications' collections

- communicating with related institutions in Croatia and abroad

- if government's corporate bodies or citizens requested directly, CCS gives opinions and grades organizations' and individuals' cartographic work

CCS achieves its goals by performing the following actions:

- organizing scientific and professional lectures, meetings, seminars, consulations etc.

- publishing journal, scientific and professional publications, announcements etc.

- supporting international co-operation

- becoming a member of international cartographic associations

- giving awards and recognitions

- educating and specializing members in Croatia and abroad