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I would much appreciate if you can find some time to answer me where I can find a maps for personal use of the scales between 1:30 000 and 1:50 000 of some areas in Croatia.

To be precise, I would like to go in for mountaineering at some areas (Bjelolasica, Visevica, surroundings of Ogulin, etc.) but all the maps I can find are either to old or inprecise. As far as I know, the State Geodetic Administration sells maps only to the institutions, and not to the individuals. Again some unnecessary secrecy ...

Thanks in advance.

Answer by M. Lapaine, PhD:

The standard scales of the topographics maps are 1:25 000 and 1:50 000. You can get them at the State Geodetic Administration, Gruska 20, 10000 Zagreb, at price officialy listed in Narodne Novine.

The information that the State Geodetic Administration sells maps only to the institutions is not correct. Individuals can also buy a specific maps. A working hours for the clients are from 9am to 12am, and a telephone appointment can be arranged with Aleksandar Tonsetic, head of the Cartography Department, tel. +385 1 36 57 391, or with Ljubica Mitrovic, tel. +385 1 36 57 390.

Best regards,
Miljenko Lapaine

Please can you tell me which are the minimal dimensions which will preserve readability on printed map for areas of a soil? One can found different values (4x4 mm, 3x3 mm, 0.4 cm2, ..etc.). Have we an official value?

Answer by S. Franges, PhD:

We don't have an official value but on our experiance and according to others, the minimal area printed in colour should not be less than 1 mm2.

I could not found any data about a length of the Croatian state border with Italy. Also, the data from a different sources about a lenghts of the Croatian state border with other countries are different. If it is not a problem, please can you give the accurate data about a lenghts of the Croatian state border with each neighbouring country.

Answer by M. Lapaine, PhD:

The data about lenght of a border, a coast line or an area of some part of the world is usually different from source to source. It is often because of different maps and approaches that are used for determination of these values.

Croatian State Geodetic Administrative in it's central office in Zagreb has a Department for State Surveying which again has Department for State Border and Geodetic Inspection. I recomend you to send your question to chieff-of-staff Zlatko Krpeljevic, BSc on phone +385 1 36 57 384 or email: