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Projection name: sinusoidal

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sinusoidal サンソン
  • Projection naming principle: Principle of Preponderance of Precedence.
  • Year of origin: 1570.
  • Name of originator: Jehan Cossin (Dieppe).
  • Originator reference:
  • Year of formulation:
  • Name of formulator:
  • Formula citation:
  • Projection synonyms: Mercator equal-area, Mercator-Sanson, Sanson-Flamsteed, Sanson, シヌソイダル図法, 正弦曲線図法.
  • Projection properties: Authalic, scale along parallels is correct (in equatorial aspect).
  • Projection derivatives:
  • Naïve specializations:

Chronology of projection development

  • 1570: Cossin produces a world map based on the projection with verifiably sinusoidal meridians.
  • 1606: Jodocus Hondius (Amsterdam) uses the projection for maps of Africa and South America, presumably leading to the name Mercator equal-area.
  • 1650 (ca.): Nicolas Sanson d'Abbeville uses the projection extensively for maps of all continents.
  • 1675 (ca.): John Flamsteed (England) uses the projection extensively in astronomical maps and praises its accuracy in correspondence with Isaac Newton.