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Projection name: Werner

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Werner ヴェルネル図法

  • Projection naming principle: Principle of Preponderance of Precedence.
  • Year of origin: ca. 1500.
  • Name of originator: Johann Stabius (Vienna).
  • Originator reference:
  • Year of formulation:
  • Name of formulator:
  • Formula citation:
  • Projection synonyms:
    • Stab-Werner
    • Stabius-Werner
  • Projection properties:
  • Projection derivatives:
  • Naïve specializations:
  • Generalizations: Is the Bonne projection with the standard parallel set to the north pole.


Modern texts surveyed¹ all use Werner with the exception of Maling, who preferred Stab-Werner. Werner published and promoted the projection, yet he did the same for Stabius's other projections as well, so there does not seem to be any good reason to prefer Stab-Werner for just this projection.


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