Trail Orienteering Competition

Many thanks to Ivica Urbanc and his team from OK Ris, Delnice for an extraordinary effort in organisation of this trailO event. Many thanks also go to Ivo Tišljar from OK Orion, Zagreb for setting an excellent and challenging course. Thanks to all who helped and participated. We hope that you have enjoyed and find out this discipline interesting. More information on Croatian orienteering you can find on the Croatian Orienteering Federation website.

Overall Results

Rank Name Surname T+Penalty [s] Points
1 Ivica Bertol 12 13
2 Ivana Prpić 109 12
3 Dražen Tutić 21 11
4 Nino Bortek 113 10
5 Ružica Kozić 113 10
6 Martina Triplat-Horvat 51 9
7 Vesna Poslončec-Petrić 105 9
8 Ivan Kolar 24 8
9 Hrvoje Tomić 32 8
10 Vedran Vladić 85 8
11 Katarina Vardić 37 7
12 Teo Tutić 101 7
13 Dora Mijajlović 113 7
14 Valentina Stanković 177 7
15 Zoran Šarac 154 5
16 Ivana Vidić 202 4
17 Tomislav Opačak 136 3

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For the first time there will be an orienteering competition (TrailO) organized during the Conference on Cartography and Geoinformation. Participants will be given a specially prepared orienteering map and compass, which they will use to find control points. The winners will be awarded with specially designed diplomas.

Special presentation and materials for conference participants will be given on this orienteering discipline, rules and tactics. No special equipment is necessary, it is exercise for brain.

See short TV clip on success of Croatian National TrailO Team in 2014 and brief explanation of this discipline (in Croatian).


Venue: Zagreb City Centre, Zrinjevac Park

Date: 11th October 2014

Map: Zrinjevac, 1:4000, e=2.5m, ISSOM 2007

First start: 9:00
Time limit for course: 120´
Finish area: Pavilion in Zrinjevac Park
Terrain: Park area with plenty of vegetation details and fountains combined with urban centre of Zagreb

Entry fee: FREE entry for all participants

Registration for this event - all participants should register for the comeptition - List of entries

Map and finish location on Google Maps

Organizers: Orienteering club „Ris“ Delnice and Croatian Cartographic Society

Organizing Committee:

Honorary President: Dušan Petrovič (SLO)
Coordinator: Dražen Tutić
Finish area and timing: Ivica Urbanc
Start: Andrej Šubat
Mapping and course planning: Matjaž Štanfel and Ivo Tišljar

More info on this event in Bulletin 1