Conference Themes

SDI Days 2018 Themes
Geoinformation and Cartography Themes
  • Implementation of INSPIRE and NSDI – where are we now?
  • NSDI subjects and data
  • Local community in NSDI
  • Licenses and terms of use of spatial data
  • Adaptation to INSPIRE's requirements
  • Examples of good practice
  • Fulfilling the NSDI Strategy
  • Thematic infrastructures
  • Risk management
  • Environmental protection and environmental impact
  • Integrated spatial analysis
  • Open data and initiatives
  • Other SDI and INSPIRE themes
  • Spatial data infrastructure
  • SDI in education
  • GIS and cartography in education
  • Geographical names
  • GIS in crisis situations
  • Maritime, military and topographic cartography
  • Map projections
  • Cartography and Internet
  • Cartography and drones
  • Spatial data visualization
  • Historical issues
  • Mapping and cartography

The Organizing Committee is going to consider proposals of other themes from fields connecting cartography, geography, geodesy, geoinformatics and related areas.

Conference program and lecture abstracts are going to be published in printed publications and presentations are going to be published online. Papers received by the organizer prior to October 15, 2018 are going to be reviewed and published in Cartography and Geoinformation journal, issue 30.