First day program, Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Location: Hotel Marina, Selce

9:00–10:00 Registration

10:00–10:30 Opening Ceremony

Singing Nightingale vocal group and welcoming words of distinguished guests

10:30–12:00 Keynote Lectures

Michael GASTNER: Teaching Data Visualization to Undergraduate Students

Stefan PETERS: Current Challenges in Geospatial Education and Possible Strategies to Counteract

12:00–12:30 Coffee Break

12:30–12:45 Main and Golden Sponsor Presentations

12:45–13:45 Lectures and Poster Session

Miljenko LAPAINE: Basic Problem of Map Projections Teaching

Damir MEDAK, Mario MILER: Alternative Solutions for Encoding Geographic Information

Andrea MILETIĆ, Ana KUVEŽDIĆ DIVJAK: Assessment of the Croatian Open Data Portal Using User-Oriented Metrics

12:45–13:45 Poster

Dalibor BARTONĚK, Jiří BUREŠ, Ondřej VYSTAVĚL: Automatic Drawing in CAD Through Digital Sketch and Topological Encoding

13:45–14:45 Lunch

14:45–15:30 Lectures

Ondřej VYSTAVĚL, Jiří BUREŠ, Dalibor BARTONĚK: The Role of BIM and GIS in the Life Cycle of Railway Infrastructure Construction

Josip ŠETKA: An Artificial Neural Network Approach to Predict the Future of Land Use and Land Cover of the Lower Neretva Region, Croatia

Ana BRUSAČ, Luka RUMORA, Mario MILER: From Sentinel-2 to Maps Using Cloud-Based Image Processing

17:00-19:00 Selce Guided Tour

Meeting point: next to the old tree, which is located in front of the Tourist Office in the centre of Selce

19:00 Dinner at the Kruh i vino restaurant