15th International Conference on Geoinformation and Cartography
and the Day of the Faculty of Geodesy of the University of Zagreb


First day: 26 September 2019

8:30–9:30 Registration

9:30–10:00 Opening Ceremony

10:00–11:00 Keynote Lectures

E. Lynn Usery: Semantic Representation of Cartography: A Map Projections Example

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Adrijana Car: Geoinformation and Cartography in Higher Education: Body of Knowledge and Geospatial Capacity Building Perspectives

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

11:00–11:30 Lectures

Miljenko Lapaine: Geodesy at the University of Zagreb

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Kateřina Kolářová: Vincenc Hlavinka and his Significance for Croatian Geodesy and Czechoslovak-Croatian Relationships

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

11:30–12:00 Coffee Break

12:00–14:00 A Solemn Session of the Faculty of Geodesy Council

14:00–15:00 Lunch

15:00–16:00 ICA CoMP Meeting

E. Lynn Usery: ICA Commision on Map Projections – Introduction

Presentation (.pdf)

Miljenko Lapaine: Standard, Equidistant and Secant Parallels

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Tome Marelić: Evidence of Portolan Chart Loxodromic Geometry (the Example of the Adriatic Sea Basin)

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Second day: 27 September 2019

9:30–10:30 Guided Sightseeing of Vodnjan (optional)

10:00–11:00 Registration

11:00–11:15 Formal Opening

11:15–11:45 Keynote Lecture

Henrik Hargitai: Planetary Cartography: Different Needs for Research and Outreach

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

11:45–13:00 Lectures

Henrik Hargitai: Planetary Landform Identification and Landscape Evaluation Using Flowcharts

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Boris Blagonić, Mladen Černi, Daniel Vuković: Orientation of Church Buildings – Another Dating Element

Abstract (.pdf)

Josip Faričić, Damir Magaš: Manuscript Map of the Croatian Lands by Lučić, Gradić and Buffalini, Produced for the Pontifical Croatian College of St. Jerome (1663)

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Ivka Kljajić, Sonja Lihter: Maximilian de Traux and His Contribution to Cartography

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Milenka Bukvić: Cartographic Holdings of the Research Library of Zadar

Abstract (.pdf)

13:00–15:00 Lunch Break

15:00–17:00 Lectures

Adam Vinković, Robert Župan, Stanislav Frangeš: Mapping the New Generation of Maps – High Definition Maps

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Darko Šiško, Nives Škreblin, Ivana Movrić, Kristina Mudronja, Maja Palčić: Spatial Analyses in City of Zagreb Planning and Management

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Bochra Bettaieb, Yoshiki Wakabayashi: Role of Maps and Public Street Signs in Wayfinding Behaviour by Foreign Visitors 

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Robert Župan, Stanislav Frangeš, Adam Vinković: What Method to Use for Fast Mapping of Flooded Area?

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Luka Rumora, Mario Miler, Damir Medak: Nanosatellites in Mapping Forest Fires

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Zlatko Horvat: Mapping Winter Crops in Međimurje County with Sentinel-2 Multispectral Images

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

Sergei Krylov, Gleb Zagrebin, Dmitriy Mosolov, Irina Shkurenkova: Approaches and Solutions for Creating Atlases in Geographic Information Systems

Presentation (.pdf), Abstract (.pdf)

17:00–17:30 Coffee Break

17:30–18:00 Concert

18:30–20:30 Gala Dinner

Third day: 28 September 2019

Location: Pula and Brijuni Islands

A full day guided tour of Pula and Brijuni

9:00 Meeting in front of the Arena in Pula

9:00-12:00 Guided Tour of Pula

12:00-13:30 Lunch

13:45 Departure by local bus Pula-Fažana

14:30 Departure by boat Fažana-Brijuni

14:45-19:30 Guided Tour of Brijuni Islands (Dinner in the Neptun restaurant including: pasta with seafood, fried squid/calamari with tartar sauce, French fries, green salad, chocolate pancakes)

19:30 Departure by boat Brijuni-Fažana

19:55 Departure by local bus Fažana-Pula

20:20 Arrival in Pula Departure by local bus

Fourth day: 29 September 2019

Location: Venice

A full day guided tour of Venice
Departure by minibus from Pula at 6:00
In Venice, visit the Correr Museum (Museo Correr) and the National Library (Biblioteca Marciana). Lunch at your choice.
Arrival to Pula about 22:00