Second day program, Friday, 24 September 2021

Location: University of Zagreb Faculty of Geodesy, Kačićeva 26, Zagreb
Room 119 or
Online participation with Zoom platform

The history of the University of Zagreb began on 23 September 1669, when the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Hungary and Croatia Leopold I gave the Jesuit Academy in the free royal city of Zagreb a diploma, granting it the status and privileges of a university institution. The recognition was adopted by the Parliament of the Kingdom of Croatia on 3 November 1671.

The Faculty of Geodesy of the University of Zagreb was established in 1962 as an independent faculty. However, the education of surveyors and geodesists in Croatia has a long history. The basic activities of the Faculty of Geodesy are teaching, and scientific and research work in the field of geodesy and geoinformatics.

10:00–10:30 Keynote Lecture
Stephan WINTER: Place in Mobility Research

10:30–11:00 Coffee Break

11:00–13:00 Lectures
Dominik MILETIĆ, Ivan BRKIĆ, Dino DOBRINIĆ, Mario MILER: Change Detection Based on a Convolutional Neural Network for Remote Sensing Imagery
Martina KIČIĆ, Sebastian SCHEUER, Silvija KRAJTER OSTOIĆ, Dagmar HAASE: MyDynamicCity – Highly Customizable Open-source PPGIS Software Employed for Participatory Mapping in the city of Zagreb
Damir MEDAK, Mario MILER: Web-based Geoinformation System “Potres” (Earthquake): from Emergency Mapping to a Geospatial Hub
Lovro KLARIĆ, Lucija BRAJKOVIĆ, Almin ĐAPO, Boško PRIBIČEVIĆ: Modern Geodetic Methods of Documenting Cultural Heritage Buildings for the Purpose of Building Condition Assessment and Comprehensive Reconstruction After Destructive Earthquakes
Karlo KEVIĆ, Ivan BRKIĆ: Spatial-temporal Analysis of Using Public Bike Service in the City of Split Based on Open Data
Klaudija MOLNAR: Sky Maps
Jurica JAGETIĆ, Ivka KLJAJIĆ: An Analysis of Gornji/Donji (Upper/Lower) Adjectives in Oikonyms in Northern Croatia

13:00–13:30 The Day of the Faculty of Geodesy – Video Presentation

13:30–14:30 Lunch Time

14:30–16:00 Lectures
Neža Ema KOMEL, Dušan PETROVIČ: Cartographic Documentation of Remains of the Isonzo Front on Mrzli Vrh Based on UAV Data
Andraž HRIBAR: Hydro-geomorphological Changes of the Mura River in Slovenia Due to River Engineering Measures
Tome MARELIĆ, Josip FARIČIĆ: Reflection of the Perception of Spherical Coordinates for the Adriatic Sea Area on the Accuracy of Early Modern Nautical Charts and Geographical Maps
Goran BAROVIĆ, Duško VUJAČIĆ: Analysis of Map Elements and Methods of Representation of the Territory of Montenegro in Coronelli's Atlas
Miljenko LAPAINE: St. Isidore of Seville – Saint Patron of Cartographers

The end of the conference second day.