Second day program, Thursday, 15 September 2022

Location: Hotel Marina, Selce

10:00–12:00 Lectures

Michael GASTNER:Smooth Pycnophylactic Interpolation Produced by Density-Equalizing Map Projections

Miljenko LAPAINE: A Problem in “Basic Cartography

Julijan SUTLOVIĆ, Josip FARIČIĆ, Tome MARELIĆ: The Contribution of Jacques Nicholas Bellin to the Cartographic Representation of the North-Eastern Adriatic Coast

Ludovico MAURINA: Historical GIS Applied for the Study of Old Watermills in the Province of Padova (Italy): Uncovering a Forgotten Territorial Network

Catherine Desiree POČKAJ, Mihaela TRIGLAV ČEKADA, Dušan PETROVIČ: Evaluation of OpenStreetMap, Wikimapia and OpenTopoMap Data Quality for Test Sites in Slovenia

12:00–12:30 Coffee Break

12:30–13:30 Lectures and Poster Session

Robert ŽUPAN, Stanislav FRANGEŠ, Adam VINKOVIĆ, Ermanno MOSCARDA: Interactive Web Map of Syrmia Diocesis

Adam VINKOVIĆ, Robert ŽUPAN, Stanislav FRANGEŠ: Creating a Cartographic Visualization of all Croatian Islands on a Poster Using Monochrome Mapping


Dalibor BARTONĚK, Jiří BUREŠ, Ondřej VYSTAVĚL: Automatic Drawing in CAD Through Digital Sketch and Topological Encoding

13:30–14:30 Lunch

17:00-19:00 Novi Vinodolski Guided Tour

19:00 Dinner at the Pavlomir Wine House