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Connection Between Registers in the Republic of Croatia

Marija BRAJKOVIĆ, ITB d.o.o. Medulin, Brajdine 48; Miodrag ROIĆ, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, Zagreb

The paper elaborates and describes most of the registers of persons, property and rights in order to analyze the connection between registers in Republic of Croatia. Register properties were taken from the available literature, regulations and Internet browser registers. A database of the most important characteristics of the registers was created and it contains relationships between appropriate objects and subjects of entries. Various queries and reports were made as the basis for analysis.

The analysis revealed a great incoherence between the registers which creates the same difficulties to creators and users of data registers: bodies of public authority, citizens and companies. By connecting the registers, data accuracy and reliability could be improved, data access would be faster and the number of employees would be reduced, so public authorities would be more effective and cheaper for the budget.

Guidelines emerging from the analysis indicate a need for interconnecting registers. Interconnecting may be gradual, in the first phase using identification tags, personal identification number of people and the number of parcel, then in the second phase, creating a catalogue of the registers and connecting with the catalogue of national spatial data infrastructure. Including the register as a key factor in the national spatial data infrastructure would realize connection between people, goods and rights at local and global level with the synergy of all professional institutions: ministries, local governments and all user data.

Keywords: Registers, cadastre, land register, spatial data infrastructure

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