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Practical Experiences from Adaptation of Topographic Data to INSPIRE Annex I Data Specification

Andrijana LOVRIĆ, Dragan DIVJAK, Geofoto d.o.o., Buzinski prilaz 28, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

In order to ensure the compatibility of spatial data of EU countries, the European Union demands adaptation of implementation rules in several specific areas of use: metadata, web services, data and service sharing, monitoring and reporting and also data specifications for all spatial themes from the INSPIRE Directive. The guidelines for data specifications of Annex I themes were developed, while data specifications of Annex II and Annex III themes draft guidelines are now in testing and consulting phase between the INSPIRE interest groups.

Working groups for different themes developed data specifications using framework documents (INSPIRE Generic Conceptual Model, Definition of Annex Themes and Scope, Guidelines for Encoding of Spatial Data, Methodology for the development of data specifications: baseline version) which ensure interoperability of spatial data sets within the European data infrastructure. These guidelines provide detailed technical documentation for data specifications with emphasis on required and recommended elements necessary for implementation of the INSPIRE Directive.

Geofoto recognized the importance of spatial data standardization through INSPIRE and also through implementation of ISO, OGC and NATO standards in many projects. As a registered Spatial Data Interest Community (SDIC) for INSPIRE, we participated in testing INSPIRE specifications, while practical experiences were acquired working on harmonisation of topographic data with the INSPIRE Directive for our clients.

This paper will present activities conducted to improve existing topographic systems with current INSPIRE demands, requirements and standardization of data products according to ISO 19100 standards. Some examples of how the use of certain standards or INSPIRE recommendations can avoid typical problems in modelling a topographic information system will be shown.

Keywords: INSPIRE, ISO standardization, Topographic Information Systems

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